Huntsman to GOP rival Cain: Provide information on alleged sexual harassment ‘in total’

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Huntsman to GOP rival Cain: Provide information on alleged sexual harassment ‘in total’

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Republican presidential contender Jon Huntsman said Sunday that rival Herman Cain should disclose all information about the allegations of sexual harassment that have consumed the GOP race.

Huntsman told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the information needs to cheap jerseys from china come out “in total” and that the matter has distracted from real issues on the campaign trail.

“Legitimate questions have been raised and that information has cheap nhl jerseys to come forward,” said Huntsman, who added that it is up to Cain to divulge the details.

“This is taking all the bandwidth out of the discussion,” he said. miami heat jerseys“So we’re not able to talk about jobs. We’re not able to talk about our position in the world. That hurts the American people.”

Cain has repeatedly denied ever sexually harassing anyone.

He told reporters Saturday night that he won’t answer any more nfl jerseys cheap questions about the decade-old allegations from at least three women.

J.D. Gordon, a spokesman for the Cain campaign, said Sunday kegogo that Cain looked forward to getting back to focusing on the country’s major issues, such as the economy and national security. He blamed a “malicious smear campaign” by the media for steering attention elsewhere.

But Huntsman isn’t the only Republican calling for Cain to set the record straight.

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, also appearing on NBC, said the best way for Cain to get back on message “is to get all the facts on the table.”
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